New Version for iOS 6, iPhone 5, and iPad

The EhyeHope project has been crusiing along on auopilot. We posted a new verison in Octtober, 2012 that apapted the app to work with iOS 6, iPhone 5, and iPad. 

We are considering porting EyeHope over to Android, if this is somehting you would like to see please comment below.

In any evnet, we woud like to thank you for your support. A signficant poriton of every sale goes to fight bliness and support those affected while we search for cures. 

Link to EyeHope in iTunes App Store:
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EyeHope Team


Spreading the Word

The EyeHope app is in over 20 countirres now but we still need help spreading the word You can help by positng he following link to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The app is currently $3.99 and here is how the funds are spent:

  • 30% - Apple App store fee
  • 35% - Development cost
  • 35% - Visual charities







Buy EyeHope for iPhone

Hello Fitzdog Listeners! 

Thanks for stopping by to help the EyeHope Project fight blindness.

Click the link below to buy the EyeHope app on iTunes.

Or you can search for EyeHope in the iTunes store directly on your iOS device.


EyeHope Team 



$2,044,377 Raised To Fight Blindess

The Foundation Fighting Blindness raised $861,459 from donors this summer. EyeHope participated in this program and all donations were generously match 2X by Gordon and Lulie Gund.

The letter below was sent to donors today by Gordon. A portion of every EyeHope Magnifier purchase is donated to charities fighting blindness and I wanted to thank you for your support. 


Dear James,

I’m very excited to report back to you today the results of my summer fundraising match campaign. 

Because you gave so generously, we raised $681,459 from more than 4,932 donors who share your commitment to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  My wife, Lulie, and I couldn’t be happier to match every dollar with two additional dollars. 

Which means that altogether we just raised $2,044,377 for blindness research! I cannot thank you enough.

This support has helped us fund 9 new research grants just this summer like Dr. Jeff Boatright of Emory University, who is evaluating two drugs that have the potential to preserve photoreceptors and Drs. Alfred Lewin and William Hauswirth of the University of Florida who are developing a potential gene therapy to override or “knock out” the bad gene and deliver a healthy gene.

Their ongoing work, along with many others, has brought promising research to the point where clinical trials are close at hand.

Thanks to you, the Foundation Fighting Blindness supports hundreds of investigators at dozens of research centers, hospitals and universities all over the world every single year. To read more about these two new studies and more research grants the Foundation awarded this summer visit

It’s because of friends like you that research is happening at an ever-faster pace. I’m more optimistic than I’ve ever been about our chances for success.  And I’m extremely grateful for all you’ve done to help us get this far.


Gordon and Lulie Gund





3 X Donation To Foundation Fighting Blindness

We took advantage of Gordon Gurd's offer to match donations to the Foundation Fighting Blindness today. Our small donation packed triple the punch thanks to his generosity.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their part in raising funds to fight blindness. 

If you haven't made a donaiton to the Foundation Fighting Blindness this year, please see their website.

The mathcing offer ends tomrorow so plese don't hesitate.


EyeHope Team